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Do you want to create apps in a simple and fun way?

Zero Codes App Builder is a platform to create apps in a very simple way, you do not need to know how to program, we take care of that, you simply have to choose the functions of your app and add them with a simple interface.

And not only that! We also plan to do exactly the same with an amazing website builder, follow us and find out about all the news, welcome to ....                ZERO CODES COMPANY!


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For just 30€ a month you will be able to create an unlimited number of apps.

DIY app builder

We're giving you the opportunity to bring to life your amazing app ideas. It has never been so easy, our simple but powerful app builder will let you create all you can imagine!


MCommerce This is a complete solution to sell online in your app, from a single store to multiple stores. Images, galleries, product and price information, options, checkboxes, notes, payment gateways...everything you need for selling your products is in your users' hands!
Woocommerce You will be able to integrate any Woocommerce shop natively in your apps. Woocommerce, is the leading commerce solution and we can offer a mobile application to the 300k+ stores that use it!
Taxi Ride With this feature you can create your own taxi app. Allow users to book a ride and drivers to earn money in driving users. It’s possible to manage one taxi or and unlimited worldwide fleet company.
Loyalty Card You can add as many loyalty cards as needed in your app, that allows you to get for example a merchant listing, with each merchant having his own program. The users can redeemed his points using passwords or QR codes.
Discount Get your sales rolling with simple but high-performance discounts! The users data will be collected when your coupons are redeemed. You will be able to configure them to be used only once and/or to be available during a specific time.
Admob Do you want to monetize your app with ads? We cover you, just copy your ads ID from your Admob account and select how to monetize: through interstitial ads, full screen ads or with banners.
Set Meal Display your menus in a nice and appealing way! You will be able to create cards with photos, descriptions and prices.
QR Coupons Distribute your own QR Codes to your users, they will be able to flash the code and to unlock the rewards in your application.
Catalog All your products and prices will be available in users’ fingertips in a nice catalog! Display your list of products in a beautiful listing available in the palm of your users' hand. 

Fanwall You can integrate a social network within your app to animate your community! Users can send posts and photos, geolocate and/or tag other users' photos and comment them. Your user engagement will grow by its own!
Chat This is another amazing feature if you want to offer a complete chat solution to let your users chat in real time with public and private chatrooms! This is a completely real time chat powered by websockets.
Facebook You can directly embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point. The content will be shared through social networks and this will provide you with additional free traffic and downloads.
Twitter Add any account to your application and this feature will display all the tweets inside your app. Also available clickable link and the info like following/followers and retweets.
News Wall Just use the news wall feature to send your news in an attractive way! You can send information, photos, etc and get your users absolutely engaged by commenting and liking them. You will also get useful feedbacks and improve your communication of your users. 

Audio Do you need to entertain your app users? Add a music player including playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let the music play! Your users will be able to share and buy tracks from the store. And the music can be played in background while your users are browsing in your app and when they lock their screen.
Video Do you need more entertainment? Add video files, integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel to a specific video from any channel.
Gallery Integrate attractive photo galleries in your app. They can be showed in categories and/or import them from Instagram, Picasa or a computer!
Radio You can create your unique Radio app or let your users just listen their favorite radios! And just like as the Audio feature music can be played in background while your users are browsing in your app and when they lock their screen. 

Inbox You will be capable to send private messages with rich content and attachments to any of your app users! The private messages can include videos, text, images and attachments and, of course, they can answer you.
Push Notifications Send accurate alerts to your users when required! These notifications can be geofenced, based on your client’s location, and also to groups of interest and to a specific user. Use many as you need, they’re unlimited!
Topics This feature will allow you to create topics and offer lists of interests based on your user’s base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to and, in this way, send specific notifications and messages.
Scratch Card An amazing feature to include some entertainment in your app! Your users play and get rewards, they just have to scratch to discover if they have won or lost. Scratch cards can be personalized with the number or winners, the percentage of chance to win, the games to be played once or multiple times, etc. 

Surveys This feature will allow you to create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers and collect valorous feedbacks from users about anything you need. The data can be exported in csv files, and build complete reports.
RSS Feed You can integrate feeds as a part of your app and entertain your users with info while you drive traffic directly to your website. You can add as many RSS feeds from as many sources needed. You don't need to add a specific link just enter the URL of the website to choose from all its available feeds!
Contact A page to show all your contact info in just one place. You can integrate a one-touch-call, links to your social accounts, geolocations, and much more!
Quiz As you may know there are a lot of Quiz apps on the app stores, do you know why? because they’re really fun! Bring it to your users with our amazing Quiz page and they will enjoy your apps for sure.
Form You can build your own custom forms to get some specific data from your users? With this page you can get feedbacks and many other things from them. 

Calendar Do you want to inform your users about the next events? Show them from your Facebook or Google Calendar. You will also be able to create your own personalized events.
Booking Your users will be able to book a seat, a tablet, a slot or anything you want, with this easy plug-in. The form will be sent to the proper store following user's validation.
Appointments You will be able to add a complete appointment engine inside your app and to manage multiple stores, services and providers just from one place, like a pro!
Job This feature will provide you with a complete recruitment tool from which companies can post their job offers. You will be able to set each member as a company admin and will be able to publish the available open positions. The candidates will be able to apply directly from the app.
Folder Easily organize your content. Create your own app tree, with folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders, and your pages in them. You even will be able to add a search box so your users will find the content they are looking for.
Padlock This amazing feature will allow you to protect the pages you choose and to choose how they have to be protected. You can choose a protection through membership, so the accounts authorize will be able to access the locked pages. And you can choose a QR Code protection, so only the users who have the QR Code will have access to the protected sections. 


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We are a very small and young company that is born with great enthusiasm to help people from all over the world and of all conditions to claim their digital space.

For this purpose we have great ideas and projects in development of simple online tools that allow people to compete on equal terms with large corporations.
We really want to go further, we want to help people and that is our main goal and reward!

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